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* part of the Premium package
Create events
Create unlimited events in your account.
Create tickets
In your account you can create unlimited different types of tickets for your event.
In your secure online account, you can create and manage events and ticket products from anywhere.
Apple passbook
Visitors can save their tickets to Apple passbook.
Bar codes external parties *

* Do you want to sell tickets for locations with own access control? Bar codes issued by third parties can be awarded to a ticket in our system.span>

Payment by invoice *

* For your [business] visitors to your event, instead of direct online payment, you can offer payment by invoice.

Conversion tracking

You can easily track which campaigns are most successful. Check which channels most visitors come in and adapt your marketing and budgeting accordingly.

Data overview

The user-friendly dashboard gives you real-time insights about the visitors coming to your events.

Email campaigns *

* In your account, you can easily set up an email campaign for visitors to all your events.

Email support

You can contact us by email 24/7/365 for all your questions.

Excel export

All generated data from your event can be exported to Excel for further processing in other tools.

Facebook ticketshop

Your ticket shop can easily be activated as a module in your event Facebook page.

Free events

The ticket shop is also perfectly suited for processing registrations for free events.

Guest manager *

* Give your sponsors their own secure login on your account and give them the freedom to digitally assign the cards within their sponsorship package to their relationships.

IFrame integration

Our ticket shop can be easily integrated with an IFrame on your event website.

Ticket booth *

* In addition to online ticket sales, do you expect to sell a large part of your event? For this we provide the cash-and-card solution.

Promo codes

For promotional campaigns, you can use discount codes. These codes give the visitor a discount on one or more products.

Live chat

In your account you can ask questions directly to our specialists.

Multi-lingual ticket shop en dashboard

The ticket shop is available in Dutch, English, French and German. This way, international visitors can easily and buy their tickets in a secure online environment.

Mobile access control

The access control of your event can be easily done with our Scan App. This app has been tested for events up to 15,000 visitors and can handle these volumes without any problems. The App is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Mobile access control monitor *

To know how many people are present at your event, a walk to the entrance is no longer necessary. You can always see the current number of visitors on a secure mobile site.

National- en international online payment methods

In addition to the regular payment methods such as credit card payments, IDEAL and gift cards are also supported in the ticket shop.

Scan app

The TicketFlow smartphone application for validating tickets at the entrance of your event.

Scanning hardware *

* If you do not want to use our mobile access control, you can hire scanners from us.

SMS campaigns *

* In your account, you can easily set up an SMS campaign for visitors. For example: a reminder with a link to the mobile ticket or a pre-announcement of a new event to the visitors of previous editions.

Phone support *

* We are available 24/7/365 by telephone for all your questions.

Ticket personalization *

* Do you want personal information from all visitors to your event, but still allow one visitor to pay for multiple tickets? Then use ticket personalization afterwards. Upon completion of the order, a personal email will be sent with the request to personalize the order. After the personalization, the cards are only awarded to the orderer.


The tickets are sent by e-mail to the visitor. The display of the ticket is determined based on the type of device [mobile, pc, tablet] on which the ticket is opened

Ticket shop API *

* Build your own ticket shop using our API.

Access control manager *

* We provide supervised access control on-site through one of our ticketflow access control managers.


Your ticket payouts are processed by our subsidiary CM Payments. Payouts are after the event, but can be paid on request per week.www.cm.com/nl-nl/producten/betalingen.

Ticket design

The colors of your event tickets are completely customizable so that it is fully in line with the event website.

Design ticket shop

Simply add the branding of your event to the ticketshop. This increases the reliability of your ticket shop for the consumer.

Queue at peak sales *

* Do you expect much more demand for your tickets than there is capacity? No problem for the ticket shop. During peak periods, our queue helps your visitors get the right way through the ticket shop.

Ticket shop password *

* It is possible to secure your ticket shop with a password. Only visitors who hold a valid password will be able to access the ticket shop. This is especially used in an exclusive pre-sale.

Feel free to contact us

If we have not yet answered all your questions, please send us a message.

We will be happy to assist you!


Ticketflow is part of CM Groep. CM delivers technology and applications allowing businesses to communicate and interact with consumers and audience, and to pay using mobile devices.


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